Its High Time We Acknowledged Climate Change

The issue of climate change has once again come to the forefront. This article highlights the importance of recognizing climate change's damaging effects.

The recent events in Australia have brought the issue of climate change once again to the forefront. With over 11.3 million acres of land destroyed, 2,500 homes destroyed and the tragic loss of over a billion species of wildlife, the Australian Bush Fires have raised great concerns internationally about the damaging effects of climate change on our frail planet.

The United Nations had warned of more extreme weather to come in 2020, after declaring that the previous decade was the hottest on record.  The World Meteorological Organization released data compiled by the European Union in which it was stated that the previous year was the second hottest year on record after 2016.

climate change effects
Australia’s wildfire has had a devastating impact on it’s environment and ecology. (Source: Vox)


The organization has stated “Since the 1980’s each decade has been warmer than the previous one,” and has also gone on to say that “this trend is expected to continue”. Sir David Attenborough used the events in Australia as an example for us to no longer ignore the effects of climate change on our planet. He also lambasted the many politicians and political commentators who continue to ignore the effects of climate change.

Despite the UN’s laid out plan to help curb the release of gas emissions from power stations, factories and vehicles by half in 2030, nothing is still being done to help limit the release of emissions that are increasing every year. Scientists have warned that the constant rise in temperature will have catastrophic effects on our planet. These effects include, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, flooding and the loss of agricultural lands.

climate change effects
One of the effects of climate change are the melting glaciers. (Source: CNN)


The ever increasing temperatures and its effect on our planet can no longer be ignored. It is high time that we acknowledge the effects of climate change and its catastrophic impact on our planet. By taking part in many grass roots initiatives such as beach cleaning campaigns and tree plantation initiatives, we can help improve our environmental situation.

Apart from taking actions, raising awareness about the issues at various educational institutions can be a fruitful initiative as it will encourage future generations to take action towards helping improve the environment and in the process, combat climate change.

climate change effects
Protesting is one way of raising awareness. (Source: NBC News)
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