Brands That Will Bring A Shine To Your Face

This article highlights the top five skin care brands whose products will help to ensure a more clearer face without any acne.

In today’s day and age, people have become quite conscious about their looks. For these people, it is all about looking their best. However, that might not always be the case. For a large percentage of us, we have to endure with the unfortunate luck of having bad acne on our face. To counter this, we have come out with the five best brands in the city to help deal with your acne problems.

Clean and Clear facial products.

Clean and Clear:

One of the most trusted brand in skincare, Clean and Clear have come out with a large range of products. These products aim towards reducing acne and improving the overall quality of your skin. Some of their products include their pimple clearing face wash. The elements of lemon and neem help to reduce the number of pimples as well as prevent further breakouts. They have also come out with a blackhead clearing 2 in 1 wash and mask, which aims to reduce the number of blackheads on one’s face.


An immensely popular brand in the country, Pond’s offers a wide variety of products to help resolve one’s facial problems. Some of these products include Pond’s Anti Acne Facial Wash. This product helps clear acne causing bacteria within three days, thereby helping your face become more clearer. Other set of products that they have on offer include Pond’s perfect care facial wash. This product helps to cleanse your face from all the dirt and grim accumulated on it.

A huge array of Pond’s facial products.
Nivea new range of facial products.


Another highly popular brand in the business, Nivea has managed to capture the market thanks to its impeccable range of skin care products. These also include products that help to improve one’s overall facial skin. Examples of these products include Nivea purifying wash gel. This product helps to cleanse pores and reduce excess sebum, thus in the process reducing impurities from one’s face. Other products include Nivea Gentle Cleansing Cream and Skin Refining Scrub.

Clearasil’s face care products.


A highly regarded skin care brand, Clearasil products are hugely popular among different demographics of people. Their products include the highly popular Clearasil Ultra Rapid Daily Face Wash that helps to ensure clearer skin within the span of 12 hours. The product helps to prevent the break out of any further pimples. It is also highly regarded by dermatologists as well. It also helps to remove the oil, dirt and bacteria from your skin.

Olay’s facial products.


Another insanely popular brand for ensuring a smooth and clear skin is Olay. They have a wide array of products that ensure the clarity of one’s face from any type of acne. The list of products include Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash with Aloe. This product helps to reduce dirt and oil from your skin without causing your skin to dry. Other products include Olay’s Regenerist Revitalising Cream Cleanser which helps to exfoliate one’s face.

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