IHC Selects First Women Judge

Islamabad High Court has appointed first Women Judge, and people are really happy about it.

Women are compared to men usually, which shouldn’t be the case anyways. Where men have different abilities women have their own. But the sensitivity in a women makes her stronger than men always. Nevertheless, in today’s competitive world, women have left no field unexplored. Whether it be an about touching the sky or going down in the earth, women are always found doing their job. However, Pakistan has been quite a backward country when it comes to women. A man doesn’t appreciate a woman growing, which is as sick of a mentality as anything else. Yet women are leaving growing more stronger day by day.

Today, on Friday, IHC will have the first lady ever to be sworn is as a judge. Lubna Saleem Pervaiz will take the oath along with two other colleagues. Lubna was formerly working in Sindh High Court as the Deputy General. Her, including the other two will be working in IHC, by the appointment of the President himself.


Courts and Lawyers have been a misery lately for the people of Pakistan. But with literate people like Lubna, we hope to see some change in the way things have been dealt with lately.

It is no less than a moment of pride for the people of Pakistan, where women have always been suppressed. We hope Lubna remains an inspiration for the rest of the women who have been working hard in different fields of their choice. Furthermore, we would love to see Lubna become a permanent part of the justice hierarchy, which will take one year throughout which her performance will be measured.

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