Breast Cancer Relation To Menstruation

With breast cancer awareness month around the corner, it is important to gain awareness about it and have your yearly mammogram done.

The interval between breast development and the first full-term pregnancy is often lengthier in girls who begin menstruating earlier than in females who begin menstruating later. Breast tissue is often young, hyperactive, and highly susceptible to hormone impacts during this time.

Breast cancer risk is higher for women who first began menstruation (had periods) before 12 in later life.

A woman has been exposed to oestrogen and progesterone more frequently throughout her life the longer she has periods. A higher chance of breast cancer developing later in life is linked to these factors.

What you can do

While you have little control over when your period begins and ends, you can adopt lifestyle decisions to reduce your risk as much as possible.

1. Being healthy in regard to one’s weight

2. Regular exercise Avoiding hormonal birth control

3. Consuming wholesome food

4. Eating healthful food

5. These are just a handful of the actions you can take to stop smoking (or never start).

These are only a few of the actions you can take, such as never smoking or stopping if you already do. Early puberty may be avoided by girls who keep their weight in control and work out frequently or frequent screening for prevention.

You must adhere to screening recommendations for the overall population with equal risk.

If you are younger than 30

  • Be familiar with your breasts so you will know when something is different.
  • Talk to your physician if you notice changes in your breasts.

If you are between 30 to 39

  • Talk to your physician and have a breast cancer risk assessment to determine when to start screening.
  • Talk to your physician if you notice changes in your breasts.

if you are age 40 and up

  • Have a screening mammogram every year- it is recommended to have a 3D one.
  • Talk to your physician if you notice changes in your breasts.

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