The Legend of Maula Jatt: An Insight into the Rivalry of Jatts and Natts

The Legend of Maula Jatt is a cinematic thriller directed by Bilal Lashari showcasing the story of a prizefighter with a troubled past, eager for revenge.

Releasing on the October 13, 2022 – The Legend of Maula Jatt is a cinematic thriller directed by Bilal Lashari showcasing the story of a prizefighter with a troubled past who is eager for revenge. Adopted by a nearby villager, his stepmother and brother never fail to make Maula feel like one of their own. However, the void in him remains empty as he attempts to fill it, and in the process, he starts channelling his anger and rage into the ring.

Starring Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt, the gallant protagonist, Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Natt, the spine-chilling antagonist, Mahira Khan as Mukkho Jatti, the passionate lover, Humaima Malick as Daaro Nattni, the gut-churning sister and Gohar Rasheed as Maakha Natt, the revolting brother. All of them completely emersed themselves into their respective characters splendidly.

If you’re not afraid of some spoilers, then keep on reading!

The Legend of Maula Jatt is a treat for the eyes, mind and soul. The team behind this movie has done wonders with the whole setup; even the VFX seemed to be at par with any top-notch Netflix movie from the West. The demonstration of action scenes on the big screen, with blood splashing everywhere and heads being smashed on walls, did not feel like Lollywood’s cup of tea before this movie.

The story begins with the brilliant performance of Resham and Babar Ali, who play the role of Maula’s parents. Intruders invade the Kot Mithan Palace as Maula’s parents try to protect their one and only son, successor to the throne. This is how the rivalry started between the two sides, the Natts destroyed the palace along with killing the Sardar Jatt. As the story unfolds further, a sudden rush of emotions flow through the audience.

Fortunately, Maula is found alive and is adopted by a widow who already has another son, Mooda. Ever since then, he found a way to keep his emotions at bay through his love for fighting. Fast forward to adulthood, Maula adopts this mysterious personality and only unleashes his inner beast on the battleground where the opponents witness his wrath. His motive seemed to be clearly etched out for us, vengeance.

Compared to Maula, Noori’s introductory scene is quite dramatic. His opening dialogue just made the crowd go crazy, reminding us of Mustafa Qureshi’s “Nawa Aya Ae Soniya”. Noori belongs to the Natt clan and is locked up in prison initially by his own family.

Mukkho’s character did not seem to add value to the movie as much as Daaro’s did. However, both characters were bold and outspoken. The former was jolly and deeply in love with Maula and the latter was pure evil. It felt as if there was wickedness flowing through the veins of all Natts, be it the Jeeva Sardar or Maakha, the cruelty and truly horrific acts proved they had no mercy.

As it’s shown in the trailer, and even in the original Maula Jatt, the big fight between Noori and Maula was the much-awaited scene for every viewer, which did not last as long as I would have wanted it to but nevertheless, it was intense and exciting. The moment when Maula stabs Noori can be described as grim but also oddly satisfying because the evilness of the Natts died with him. Justice was served, revenge was taken, honour was regained and peace was restored.

The story and character buildup were done with finesse. Keeping the audience interested till the end is not an easy task and The Legend of Maula Jatt made sure to grab our attention from the start. Even though this year hasn’t been so great for our industry, this movie is by far the best cinematic work I have seen from our local filmmakers.

The Legend of Maula Jatt is a must-watch movie for all action lovers who want to experience that pumping adrenaline rush, thrill and mystery all at once. And of course, if you’re a fan of the original version of the movie released in 1979, then you must watch this upgraded remake!

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