Britney Spears Has Finally Tasted Freedom After 13 Years

In a massive court ruling, Britney Spears 13 year conservatorship has finally come to an end, thus giving the singer freedom and independence.

Britney Spears has been in the spotlight for quite a while as a result of her legal fight to end her 13 year conservatorship. On Friday, the moment the singer and her fans have all been waiting for had finally arrived.

Judge Brenda Penny passed the decision that had finally put this brutishly long conservatorship to an end. Thus, giving Spears complete control over making all decisions related to her life whether they be financial or personal.

Britney Spears 13 year conservatorship comes to an end.

Previously such decisions laid in the hands of her father James Spears with whom she has had a tumultuous relationship with. The conservatorship was set out to be for just a temporary basis soon lasted for over 13 years.

The reason why it came into existence is because her dad believed that Spears was mentally not fit at the time to make important decisions by herself.

The ruling sparked massive celebrations outside the courtrooms by some of the singer’s most staunchest supporters. Britney Spears took to social media to celebrate the decision and showcase her love for her fans.

Her attorney Matthew Rosengart has stated that he will pursue further investigation against the singer’s father. This is to uncover claims of financial mishandling and spying by her father.

According to recent reports, the singer has suggested that she will be using this time to spend with her family.

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