Burka: A Guard Against Harassment?

Although, the widespread obligation on the dress code has been withdrew from KPK, but it does tell how one thinks about harassment.

On Monday morning, District Education Officer (DEO) for females in Peshawar, ordered a statement. It stated that all girls have to wear Burka or veil to protect them from any unethical incident. Sadly, that was the solution our government came up with to fight cases of harassment.

DEO Female, Samina Ghani, justified her orders by stating that girls already use veil and this would encourage parents to send kids to school. However, the issue was highlighted and people went crazy after the orders were released. When media came in to action, KP Chief Minister, Mahmood Khan, took back the given orders.

One has to consider that the only way out of harassment for the DEO was obligating burqa in KPK. The thought of punishing the harassers never crossed their mind. Educating men and women didn’t come up. It never crossed their mind that even boys are harassed, as Shahzeb Khan Zada talks about it. It is so uncertain if our government to not come up with a general solution.

We all have witnessed women being stared in Burka, and also women not being stared regardless of what she is wearing. It is the basic education and morals that should be taught and be kept as utmost priority. Kids who study in Madrasas also have become a victim of harassment, regardless of the gender, but has never come under much limelight. The reason is obvious, that one might not point finger at a religious institution.

Being unbiased, its the teachings that should be brought under consideration. It should be the punishments that should be harsh enough to make any harasser think twice before harassing. Its is not what she wears. It is not her, who seduces you, it is your pervert mind that needs to be at rest.