Bushra Ansari Opens Up About Her Views on Divorce

Pakistani veteran actress, Bushra Ansari has never been afraid to speak her mind. This time around, in a conversation with Mira Sethi, the actress spoke about her long-standing marriage that she decided to end.

Bushra Ansari first hinted at her divorce earlier this year in a brief manner. “In truth, people don’t know what the actual problems are between couples. And it’s not that only actors go through such things, even bankers and doctors go through similar cases, male or female. So I felt when it came to such a personal issue, there was no need to share it with the entire nation,” she said in an earlier interview.

In her recent interview Bushra Ansari opened up saying,

“While divorce is a solution to escape a bad patch in a marriage, I decided to part ways after 36 years of marriage.”

“This right was provided to me by my father, that I could give the divorce instead of being divorced. It’s not an insult to someone. There was just an issue with regard to his sister at the time, and my father didn’t want me to go through the same. But by the time we got to realise that things were getting difficult and something was up, our kids had already started to go to school.”

Ansari also elaborated on how the concept of marriage has been redefined in our society overtime.

“In today’s generation, people generally choose not to have kids till at least five or six years. So you guys have a lot of time on your hands to evaluate your compatibility. I say this both as a good thing and a bad thing.”

“Bad in the sense that if people continue to wait just to be sure and say hmm, lets see, let’s wait a little more, lets not have kids right now — then by that logic, no home will ever flourish, everyone’s homes will break. At one point, you do have to give each other a chance. Create a family, experience those joys,” Ansari stated.

Bushra Ansari went on to explain how a lot of men these days are not very proud of their wives’ successes.

“Very few women are insecure when their husbands are successful. They’re probably happy living in their shadow. But men, on the other hand, get insecure I guess.”

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