CAA And SAI Court settlement In Favour Of Shaheen Airlines


Karachi, May 29, 2018: Sindh High Court at Karachi has suspended the operation of letter dated 13 July 2018 issued by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority to Second National Carrier of Pakistan, whereby CAA threatened SAI to withdraw its services for international flights except flights to Saudi Arabia.

Director Marketing SAI, Zohaib Hassan stated that, SAI has challenged the CAA’s letter of 13 July 2018 which was issued in patent breach of CAA’s own laws particularly Rule 373 of the Civil Aviation Rules 1994. CAA being a regulator of all the airlines has been treating Shaheen Air discriminatory.

SHAHEEN AIR contribute billions of rupees every month in treasury of Pakistan. CAA never dare to take any action against other local carrier (big defaulter) but took panel action against SAI on less than 2 percent of outstanding of other big carrier of a country. SAI has submitted that payment plan on the basis which court suspended the CAA letter dated July 13, 2018.
SAI has already acted religiously upon its payment plan and Honorable court also reaffirm after SAI produced its substantiation.

Zohaib Hassan also said, SAI operation is as per normal. We welcome our valued passengers on board, and we are delight to serve our passengers as they always support SHAHEEN AIR INTERNATIONAL.

Shaheen Air:
Shaheen Air International Limited (SAI) is established as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. It is mandated to perform the business of air transportation of passengers and cargo. Shaheen Air commenced its operations as the first private airline in Pakistan in December, 1993. It operates on various domestic and international routes and in 2015, it became the only private airline from Pakistan to fly east with non-stop flights from Lahore to Guangzhou, China.