Cafe Vatra – Delectable Food in a Serene Environment

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city of lights, in the heart of Airmen Golf Club, lies a newly opened restaurant - Cafe Vatra. Enjoy some delicious desi food in a serene, tranquil environment.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city of lights, in the heart of Airmen Golf Club, lies a newly opened restaurant – Cafe Vatra. The word ‘Vatra’ literally translates to a fireplace in English. You must be thinking whether there was a fireplace there, so to bring your mind to peace, yes! There was a bonfire set up, perfect for this chilly weather.

Even though Karachi isn’t as cold as other cities situated on the northern side of Pakistan, we still do have quite a few chilly nights by the end of the year. Hence, in this weather, Cafe Vatra made sure to provide us with both options, indoor and outdoor dining. We chose to sit inside at first, but after seeing the bonfire being lit, my friends and I wanted to enjoy the weather to the fullest.

Since it’s a little away from the city, it’s usually as crowded but that played out in our favour because it allowed us to be much more comfortable. Due to this reason and because of the ample space, I feel like this will be an ideal spot for our next team lunch or dinner. Many corporate and family events can also be held here as there are enormous empty lawns situated outside the cafe and opposite to it as well. 

For all the worrisome mommies, take a chill pill because your child can safely run and play so you can relax for a bit. Unlike most restaurants, there isn’t any lack of space for hyperactive kids to run, jump, and play until they’re ready to eat and doze off. An impeccable place for families and corporates alike. 

Moving forward, let’s talk about food. We tried starters, entrees, and ended with some yummy coffee. I’ll definitely talk about all of those dishes individually just so you’re able to pick and choose what to try on your first visit!


For starters, we ordered the classic chicken corn soup. It was served hot, as it should be. They provided single servings, due to the pandemic, obviously. I have a habit of adding extra condiments to any soup I’m having. However, at Cafe Vatra, I didn’t feel the need to add or subtract any ingredients. Definitely a must-try.

Loaded Fries

Another starter that we tried was their loaded fries. I’m a sucker for fries. You must have been acquainted with my love for fries by now. So, yes, I did like their fries. A bed of golden, crispy fried potatoes with chunks of crusted chicken, topped with their mouth-watering sauce and black olives! I just couldn’t stop myself from eating it.


We tried the Caesar Salad and the Arabian Salad. Both the salads had their own qualities. The Arabian Salad came with two skewers of barbecued chicken and veggies, along with the regular cut-up bowl of greens with tomatoes and olives. On the side, it had hummus and some pita to go along with it. The Caesar Salad had juicy grilled chicken strips with some fresh lettuce and a luscious dressing. The croutons were served on the side so one can some according to their preferences. I’d definitely recommend trying either one of the salads, as both were equally delicious.

BBQ Platter

The BBQ platter had four types of barbecued chicken and kebabs with chutney and some naan. The kebabs were tender, soft and almost melted in your mouth. Perfect to be shared among a group of friends for some variety and added flavour.  

Grilled Prawns

Since I’m not very fond of seafood, I didn’t personally try it but my friends did and the reviews were mind-blowing. Prawns can be easily overcooked and turn tough or rubbery which is why it needs to be cooked at a certain temperature for a very brief amount of time. Grilled prawns are very difficult to perfect and at Cafe Vatra, they tasted no less than any top-notch restaurant. It’s safe to say that you can taste the sea by the sea.


Handi is one dish that is quite common as well, apart from other desi dishes. Almost every restaurant in Karachi has it if they’re selling desi food. I feel that there should be a balance between the consistency and texture of the handi. If it’s too creamy then it keeps slipping and if it doesn’t have an adequate amount of cream then it tastes nothing like a handi. 


Karachi is another delicacy of the common Pakistani restaurants. Whenever we think of having a meal at any dhabba or a proper desi style restaurant, Karachi is what comes to our mind. At Cafe Vatra, the karahi didn’t taste like any other dhabba as it was better than our expectations. The chicken was tender and the spices were very well-balanced. It was quite a treat, I’d say.


Our meal came to an end finally with a splendid, creamy cup of hot Latte. In the chilly weather, this was what kept us all warm and calmed us all down after a hearty meal. 

If you’re looking to bring your other half to this place for a casual date night or for celebrating your anniversary in a special way, then have a look at this absolutely mesmerizing set-up. It’s ideal for a very intimate date night where you can leave all your worries at home and just have a good time with your partner. Enjoy the lovely view on a wintry evening at Cafe Vatra.

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