The 4 Common Types of Political Supporters in Pakistan

Due to the lack of literacy and many other reasons, Pakistani people support political parties blindly without having the urge to uncover the truth.

When it comes to literacy, we rank the lowest. That’s probably one reason why we never elect the right people to rule us and end up with the same corrupt leadership that gears up to fill their pockets in a vicious cycle. It’s because our people are blind political party supporters, who do not wish to seek the truth and end up believing anything and everything.

Political parties in Pakistan have shrewdly managed to ensure that even the most educated and the most intelligent Pakistani people fall prey to their hollow promises and emotional rants.

The Result?

Four common kinds of political parties’ supporters included people from almost all walks of life:

1. The “GULLU BUTT” types who believe their leaders are not capable of any corrupt practices

This category is either too simple-minded or too obnoxious to buy the cannon fodder sold by their leaders upon the emergence of corruption scandals. They believe their leaders are innocent of any wrongdoings and have always been wrongfully framed as part of a grand conspiracy.

2. The “So what if my leader steals a little when in power, he also spends a lot on development projects” types

This breed of political supporters is apt at presenting lame arguments that would either make you jump off a cliff or regret sharing the same country with them. They will admit that their leaders are corrupt but want everyone to be okay with it, given their leaders’ development work. Ask them if they’d be content if the same rationale were used by the contractor constructing their house, and you won’t get a reply.

3. The Biryani Supporters:

In the civilized world, the vote is widely considered a sacred mandate possessed by the people they are morally obliged to use in the best interests of their state. However, the situation tends to be quite the opposite in this part of the world. It’s part and parcel of the political culture to spend millions on Biryani “Daig’s” to be distributed among these people who then trade their precious mandate for a single plate of Biryani.

4. The Army Haters:

They will vote for their political party if it vows to maintain a position against the armed forces out of their animosity and hatred for their military. Merely being a critic of the armed forces qualifies as competence to this category of political supporters in Pakistan.

Final Thoughts

Unless we work on educating and enlightening our masses on a national scale, we will keep bearing the brunt of the semi-literate supporters’ political choices. They ensure that their leaders, no matter how inept, keep getting elected.

By Ahsan Zafeer

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