Careem forgets marketing ethics?

The marketing world is expanding and adopting new methods that are as wide as one persons imagination can take them, but not all are the ones that fall under ethical boundaries and the ones that dont cannot be implimented.
Recently careem launched their bike service and it has proven to be a positive approach
but the sociaty and and its cultural/ethical boundaries, this service was used by a single gender. As any other company, Careem wanted to grow their market and introduced the second gender under their customer umbrella. To everyones surprise, Careem took it a little too far and came up with a surprisignly poor campaign and one of the billboards qoutes “apni shaddi se bhagna ho to Careem Bike karo”
This statement has taken Careem across the boredline which has led to a huge social media erruption of thoughts and reactions that arent in favour of Careem in any way. Instead of coming up with something logical like “Shaddi me pohnchna hai and too much traffic? Get Careem bike”. Instead of promoting the concept of marraige and family, Careem decided to go the exact opposite direction and promote break up marraiges? Is that how low a name like Careem can stoop just to earn a few more rupees? Will they even earn some more or loose what they alreay have?
Careem has been a market learder and the had the first movers advantage. The market is defenitly getting tighter and competetion is increasing each day and one wrong step can lead to the start of a downfall. Marraige is beautiful bond and anyone who tends to talk against is someone who you should maintain a distance from.