CYBER BULLYING – Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top !

Cyber bullying is bullying, hiding behind a pretty screen doesn't make it any less hateful.

Bullying has turned out to be one of the most concerning issues for our childhood. Bullying has been available in Pakistan for quite a while, and it is expanding rapidly with better approaches for harassing others.

Threatening somebody verbally over cell phones or web through different informal communities like Face book is basic these days. This is known as digital harassing.

As indicated by an study done among 25 nations, Pakistan takes 22nd position for the most noteworthy rate of cyber harassing. Pakistan has been incorporated into the rundown of quickest developing nations that are utilizing web which is the reason digital wrongdoing is expanding.

Women in Pakistan are the most likely victims of bullying. In Pakistan, where family’s honor usually depends on a woman, her behavior comes under close scrutiny. When such a woman is bullied she finds suicide as an easy way out.

A year ago It was reported in Dawn that a 16-year-old girl committed suicide by hanging herself with a ceiling fan in Karachi because the owner of the house where she worked had harassed and bullied her. There are many other cases about girls being bullied which have never been reported.

Bullying is not bound to any particular place like school, college, university or internet. You can now find bullies anywhere. In 2005 it was reported in Dawn that a contractor was accused of bullying bus owners in Hyderabad. According to the law the contractor could not charge more than 100 rupees for parking fees but he forced the owners to pay rupees 800 as a parking fees. One of the drivers refused to pay the amount and the contractor harassed him and also smashed the windows of his coach.

The question is why do bullies bully. It is because of various issues of our society. Social issues, cultural issues, family issues all play a part. Mostly the families which are not warm and loving towards their children, the families which do not share feelings with each other are the one which produce bullies in our society.

Having power is also the reason why people bully. People with power have zero tolerance that is why they bully. They cannot handle rejection.

To stop this problem, we need to spread awareness about the problem by understanding the roots of the problem because there is little difference between the bully and the victim since they are both victims in their own ways.