Is BDS Movement From Israeli Products Working?

The BDS Movement against Israeli products have been getting much more intense than before and many are wondering if it is even making a difference?

The campaign known as BDS, which stands for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel, has come into the spotlight once again due to the recent attack by Hamas on Israel and the resulting heavy bombardment of Gaza. Many are looking for ways to support the Palestinians who are facing an imminent ground assault on the densely populated Gaza Strip and to promote a ceasefire.

There is a current trend of individuals on social media platforms like X (previously Twitter) and Tiktok, who are listing companies with connections to Israel and advocating for boycotts by using the hashtag #BDSMovement. McDonald’s and other international fast food restaurants like Domino’s Pizza and Burger King are being targeted for boycott after one Israeli location gave free food to Israeli soldiers.

Impact on the  Biggest Coffee Chain, Starbucks, For Suing Its Labour Union On Pro-Palestine Post

Starbucks, the popular coffee chain, received significant criticism after deciding to sue its labour union. The lawsuit was in response to a pro-Palestinian social media post by one of its employees. The employee’s post garnered much attention on various social media platforms, and the company decided to take legal action against the labour union that had supported the employee’s actions.

This move by Starbucks was met with backlash from various groups, some of which were affiliated with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. These groups are now organizing global protests, calling out the company for its actions and urging it to reconsider its decision to pursue legal action against the labour union.

A Starbucks manager came to TikTok to talk about the severity of the boycott and how it had a huge impact on the organization. The video has been going viral on social media since last month.


A Starbucks manager talks about the impact of the boycott on the company. #meganewstv #megalifestyletv #Starbucks #Israel #Palestine #Gaza #Protest #Boycott

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What is the BDS Movement and How is it Impacting the Israel-Hamas Conflict? 

BDS is an international peaceful demonstration movement aimed at putting pressure on the Israeli government to follow international law and renounce its divisive policies towards the Palestinian people. Some human rights advocates and legal scholars have labelled these policies as apartheid. To achieve its goals, BDS employs financial and ethnic boycotts towards Israel, divestment of money from the country, and government penalties.

Since BDS is a strategy rather than an organisation, several groups launch their campaigns, each with a shared moral foundation and nonviolent resistance tactics, albeit they may aim for slightly distinct goals.

It has been reported that the Israeli franchise of a popular eatery chain announced that it would be providing hundreds of thousands of free meals to Israeli soldiers. This has put the spotlight on McDonald’s Pakistan and sparked a debate on whether certain brands should be held accountable for the ongoing situation in Gaza.

The BDS movement has recently gained momentum in nations including Egypt, Turkey, and Pakistan as a result of the populace’s sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

Several companies that are allegedly involved in the persecution of Palestinians in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Pakistan, have been boycotted by customers. In Pakistan, social media users have been calling for a boycott of KFC, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola amongst other companies.

The intense BDS movement against Israel allegedly caused significant drops in the stock prices of Disney, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola. Additionally, L’oreal and its associated brands are currently being boycotted.

Counter Argument Against BDS Movement 

BDS has been inundated with criticism. One prominent argument against it is that it additionally decreases jobs and other economic prospects for Palestinians, hurting them more than helping them; comparable arguments were used contrary to boycotts and sanctions.

However, the majority of the criticism focuses on painting BDS as an extreme kind of antisemitism. This argument links criticism of the Israeli government’s actions to anti-Semitism, even though numerous Jews and Jewish organisations have criticised the government, especially Netanyahu, and advanced the defence of Palestinian rights.

The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish human rights campaign group, asserts that BDS seeks to “finish the entitlement to Jewish national self-determination on any part of this disputed land. Some detractors of the cause contend that it advocates for the de facto annihilation of a Jewish state. Some argue that BDS is antisemitic because it holds Jews to a more stringent standard than other groups and singles out Israel when other nations should also be subject to the same scrutiny for human rights.

Do you think the Gaza crisis is being affected by product and chain boycotts of McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and L’oreal?

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