Nadia Afgan Talks About the Overshadowing of Role of Men in the Society

Nadia Afgan in a recent interview discussed how men are not given as much credit in society for the things they do for their families from a young age.

Actress Nadia Afgan illuminated the undervaluation of men in Pakistani society during an interview recently, sparking an insightful discussion. Concerned about the way society views and recognises the challenges encountered by men, Afgan fervently advocated for a reevaluation of the conventions that frequently ignore the role of men and mental health.

Nadia is well-known for expressing candid opinions on various issues. In a recent interview, she highlighted the often-overlooked sacrifices made by men as providers. She expressed a sense of sadness that men’s contributions are not appreciated enough, stating “We don’t appreciate men enough. We always talk about the mother, never the father. Why not?” She emphasized that fathers are just as important as mothers and questioned the popular myth that frequently belittles the role of fathers in a family. Her comments shed light on the need to recognize and appreciate the efforts made by fathers, who often go unrecognized and unappreciated.

Nadia Afgan emphasised the hard effort that many men put in, going to work early in the early hours and spending all day taking care of their family. She acknowledged that fathers make sacrifices for their children’s welfare and said that they are some of the most selfless people in the world. The star asked, “What does that man do?” “He leaves [for work] in the morning and stays till evening.” She continued, “I don’t think there is a more altruistic person in the world than a father.”

Nadia Afgan acknowledged that not every father is the same and that some may make mistakes. However, she emphasized the selflessness of fathers who give their all to their families without holding back. They come home and devote themselves fully to their loved ones.

Men, in her opinion, rarely keep something for themselves, which emphasises their deeply rooted feeling of duty as carers. “It’s a huge deal,” she said, adding that men are frequently indoctrinated from an early age to put their families’ demands ahead of their own. “When one makes money, they believe it is for their benefit. Nadia said, “One makes money and thinks that it’s for themselves. Men don’t do that because they’ve been taught since childhood that they’re the caretakers.”

She discussed how men are expected by society to be emotionally distant from women, especially when it comes to sobbing. “‘No crying, you must tolerate, you’re a man, you cannot cry.’ Why? Why can’t he cry? Why can’t he be worried? Men get worried too,” stated Nadia Afgan vehemently. She emphasised the heavy burdens men bear and the psychological damage they can cause.

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