Charlie Puth and Jungkook Released a New Summer BOP Which Is A Bang

Following the banger 'Break My Soul' by Beyonce, it's time to add another new song to our summer song list: Charlie Puth and Jungkook's 'Left and Right.'

Today Charlie Puth published a song clip on his Youtube page with the musicians dressed in bright colours and being their funny selves.

On Twitter, fans bonded over the upbeat tune. Jung Kook’s emotions were the centrepiece of the video clip for this user.

“Did you know you’re the one that got away? And even now, baby, I’m still not okay. Did you know that my dreams, they’re all the same? Every time I close my eyes.”

Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s collaboration was reported earlier this month, although it was rumoured that it would involve the full K-pop team rather than just one member. The song is the first to be published by a BTS member since the group announced their sabbatical to focus on separate projects they are working on. Instead of just labelling Jungkook as a soloist, the song recognizes him as a singer of BTS on both YouTube and Spotify.

The ‘Attention’ singer, Charlie Puth, accidentally exposed the duet but did not provide a specific release date. The song has received 1.1 million youtube views since its debut.

Fans on Twitter have been going crazy over this collab and are not getting over it anytime soon.

A fan asked for an Oscar for Jungkook’s expressions.

And one really wanted the BTS of the music video and later appreciated the BTS member’s courage to explore their individuality as well.

And don’t forget to listen to it on headphones.

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