Cheap Travel Destinations To Live Your Travel Dream

Stressed out and want to unwind, staying home is not the solution. Take a trip to one of these cheap travel destinations and fulfil your desire to travel on a budget.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – Saint Augustine. It’s true because you won’t experience the little annoyances, unplanned experiences, and the joy of actually living as opposed to merely existing. Here is a list of cheap travel destinations that will give the best of both worlds; adventure and experience!

Croatia, Europe

The Balkan country of Croatia is gradually rising in its popularity as a travel destination due to the attraction of its tropical weather, captivating beaches, cyan shoreline, rich cultural history as well as exquisite seafood. Travellers now find it simpler to navigate the city thanks to recent infrastructure improvements.

Given its setting and aromatized pine trees, Sakarun Beach is the most famous tourist destination in terms of popularity. It’s gritty sand and crystal cyan ocean with bright wild bougainvillaea around the area. Visiting this destination is a no-brainer. However, because we are on a budget and looking for adventure, catching the ferry and riding to the beach isn’t a bad idea.

Ancient tribes that later developed into colonies and a Roman province originated in Croatia. This city between the Balkans and Europe attracted quite the attention of emperors and republics during the Roman Era. If you’re interested in history and art, visiting the walled city of Dubrovnik is a must-see. The well-preserved burnt red-tiled roofs and cobbled streets are not to be overlooked.

A freshly caught fish that is cooked to perfection—is there anything better? Shrimp, lobster, crab, and clams are just a few of the many types of seafood available in Croatia, so it should come as no surprise that seafood is a mainstay of the local diet. Croatia undoubtedly fits the category of cheap travel destinations wonderfully because practically every attraction is within walking distance.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is a world of its own, with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia it has a vast variety of attractions that has something for everyone. Although Turkey has a lot to offer, the major highlights of the Turkish experience include the Bosphorus cruise, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and a visit to the Grand Bazaar.

One of Istanbul’s top attractions is the iconic Bosphorus cruise, which is well-known worldwide. They include live music and a reserved private dining table during the 2-hour trip around the Bosphorus Straits. The Hagia Sophia is the world’s largest place of worship and a prime example of Byzantine architecture that was constructed during the Byzantine era. It has established its dominance in Turkish society as a symbol for both orthodox Christians and Muslims.

Topkapi Palace is highly regarded in both Turkey and the Balkan states. This historic structure of the building brings together the 400-year legacy and history of the Ottoman Sultanate. The palace covers opulent areas of the palace as well as antique relics concerning the history of the sultanate era, making it a must-see location during your travel.

The Grand Bazaar is considered to be another city under one roof. This shopping destination is your one-stop shop for all your requirements. Although there are an infinite number of things accessible, you must be mindful of your haggling abilities if you don’t want to be deceived into buying pricey goods.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is well-known for its energetic nightlife, its whitewashed buildings and azure waters are only two of its many attractions. The island has a lot to offer, including historical monuments, beaches, and exquisite food.

The Delos Archichetural Museum has been around for 145 years. It is well known for its sizable collection of sculptures discovered around the ancient site, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If history interests you this is definitely one cheap travel destination you will surely enjoy.

Mykonos’ Little Venice has its own following. Little Venice takes its name from the waterfront in front of restaurants, which is where its anchor-coloured stones are distinguished by white cement and royal blue and teal-coloured balconies. One of the key draws that have increased Mykonos’ appeal over time is the sight.

Platis Gialos Mykonos is one of the island’s busiest beaches, attracting tens of thousands of tourists each summer due to its vibrant blue waves and golden sand. To fulfil your expectations for a “perfect day out,” the lengthy beach provides a variety of attractions including water sports, sun loungers, restaurants, and bars. Every half-hour, local buses transport visitors to and from the beach, making it both affordable and opulent.

Latvia, Europe

Latvia is home to a vast array of vibrant cultural traditions. The city is surrounded by forests and has retained its mediaeval charm. Latvia is home to several lakes and rivers that are ideal for canoe enthusiasts. To experience the best of Latvia, the ideal time to visit is during the fall or winter when you can experience paddling along the rivers as the leaves change colours and climatic change enhancing the essence of your trip. Aside from this, spending the day exploring the enchanted woodlands with hidden fortresses around the city is a great way to learn about the rich history and culture Latvia has to offer. Since each of these activities is reasonably priced or free, visiting Latvia definitely fits our list of cheap travel destinations perfectly.

It’s not always easy to find cheap travel destinations because it requires quite a bit of research. So, go and pack your bags while you do your budgeting and maybe thank us later.


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