Purple Hearts Crosses The Gray Man On Netflix

Purple Hearts stunned Netflix by surpassing The Gray Man, the most anticipated film of the season, on the global Netflix charts.

Purple Hearts Film starring Sofia Carson (“Descendants”), as Cassie and Nicholas Galitzine (“Cinderella”), as Luke breaks Netflix’s record as a low-budget movie to take over the charts globally. The film revolves around a struggling musician Cassie, and a military soldier with a questionable past. They enter into a marriage of convenience for military benefits and after saying “I do”. The terms of their agreement blur, as the characters struggle to distinguish between what’s genuine or fiction, sparking a  romantic drama trope in the film.

On the flip side, The Gray Man was the most anticipated Netflix Film of the season as the hottest Hollywood actors Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas were to be seen together on screen for the first time. The feature film revolves around the protagonist, a former CIA operative who unveils agency secrets and the antagonist, the freelance assassin is hired to take out the CIA operative. The action-packed thriller filmed around Europe pooled a $200 million investment from Netflix as set to top the charts upon its release.

Within days of the release, a fascinating twist is revealed. After only 8 days of The Gray Man’s release, the movie dropped to #2 on the global charts.  The number #1 rank was replaced by the Purple Hearts movie. This threw Netflix’s ranking predictions out the window, creating a global shock.

Similarly, Red Notice, a Netflix movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, had a comparable $200 million budget. Statistics show that Red Notice maintained its position atop the rankings for 12 days, in contrast to The Gray Man, which was unable to maintain its position atop Netflix’s charts.

On top of that, Red Notice stayed on the U.S top charts for 52 days consecutively, and today the movie is still on the top 10 charts in Germany, Switzerland and Ukraine. The Gray Man did have the forum to grow however, its release is not of to a hot start. However, some movies were not directly proportionate to the investment put into them. The Midnight Sky was another Netflix film that was allocated a $100 million budget which barely stayed in the top charts, it spent 5 days at the #1 spot and 12 days in the top 10 charts. So, Netflix is not foreign to the failed films in its production history.

Although The Gray Man got off to a slow start, there is still time for the Netflix movie to bedazzle its way through the charts. Nevertheless, this circumstance does illustrate the notion of low-budget movies succeeding and reaching top rankings. Although, when such high-budget films aren’t as successful as the statistics predicted, only to be overtaken by other films. Only at such times are the value of these films appeared to be seen.

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