You Need To Try These Top 5 Dessert Places in Karachi

Looking to satisfy your cravings, you've come to the right place. Check out our carefully curated top 5 dessert locations in K-town!

Dessert isn’t like a regular meal but rather a finishing touch, just like how the right lipstick or cologne would bring together an outfit. Let’s take a look at these carefully handpicked top 5 dessert places in Karachi that serve mouthwatering desserts that will leave you full and fulfilled.

The Hotspot Cafe


This OG cafe needs no introduction! Perfecting their carefully selected dessert menu for decades, it has been on the top charts for a while. Everything at Hotspot is essentially the best in taste and quality. However, sometimes the combining elements of a dessert play a much more critical role in being classified as an all-rounder dessert bowl, and the supersonic fudge sundae is just that. The carefully created bowl with layers of warm brownies, chocolate syrup, freshly scooped vanila ice cream topped with roughly cut walnuts, and whipped cream is a sweet tooth’s dream.



Bingsu is a relatively new dessert place in K-town that explores the unique artistry of Korean shaved ice cream. Although this concept moves away from the traditional idea of dessert, it has seemed to attract quite the crowd with its range of diverse flavours and its peculiar branding of cloud-like ice cream. So, if you’re in the mood to excite taste buds with a dessert that takes you to the clouds, Bingsu should be on your ‘must try’ lists this fall!

The Crepery


The Crepery is an underrated dessert spot specializing in Crepes and Dutch Mini Pancakes to satisfy those late-night dessert cravings. However, as per my research, they seem to be under the radar as a dessert spot. So, I decided to take a little field trip to visit their outlet and can safely extend my recommendations to you. Their carefully perfected recipe for fluffy mini pancakes and crepes with customizable toppings to cater to your cravings with warm Nutella drizzles on top of your dessert of choice will have you drooling in no time. Although, I must warn you, dear reader, that this dessert combination is highly addicting. So, if you plan on trying them out and become addicted to their desserts, I will happily accept thank you cards in the mail.

Dilpasand Sweets, Bakers & Nimcos

The food at Dilpasand is incomparable. They sell the hottest desi confectionery in K-town and their range of sweets go beyond. For years they have been popular for their Halwa Puri, and fresh sweets served to you warm. It is safe to say that Dilpasand is the heart of Karachi, and if you have not the chance to try their desi sweets, why even waste time contemplating? I don’t think you can ever go wrong with the sight of hot fresh puris with halwa that just melts in your mouth, along with piping hot aloo and channa. I
agree the combination is too good to be true, so why don’t you try it out yourself? Seeing is believing, right?

Picture credits via @thepmpmom

Auntie Munaver’s Dessert & Savory


Auntie Munaver’s milk cakes have taken the dessert industry in Karachi by storm. The vallina cake drenched in three kinds of milk with the perfect sweetness and a coating of dark chocolate with rough chocolate shaving as a finishing touch has become a traditional cake for Karachiites. It’s safe to say this cake needs no introductions; its description is enough to compel you to try one out for yourself.

Surely, after trying desserts from our top 5 recommended dessert places in Karachi, your cravings would be on an all-time high!

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