Check out the best summer collections of 2022

A wide range of collections to make you look stylish this summer.

The best summer collections of 2022 are out and are packed with the very best outfits in town.

However, the variety is endless and so it becomes difficult in terms of deciding which collection to buy. That is where we come in. We tell you all about the very best summer collections that are out there.

So if your in the mood to look stylish this summer season, then you have come to the right place. Lets take look at the best summer collections of 2022.

1) Alkaram summer collection of 2022

You simply cannot go wrong with Alkaram’s summer collection of 2022. Its creative and sophisticated designs make it all the more glamorous to wear in the summers.

You can choose between its wide range of embroidered and printed shalwar kameez. While their designs and patterns may differ, each piece is non the less as colorful as the other.

Their printed shalwar kameez may cost around the range of PKR 5000. While the cost of their embroidered shalwar kameez ranges from PKR 4,000 to 6,000.

Here are just some of the printed shalwar kameez they have as part of their summer collection of 2022.

best summer collections of 2022

You can also check out their embroidered shalwar kameez which are also part of their summer collection of 2022.

best summer collections of 2022

Overall, Alkaram’s summer collection of 2022 is worth the try. You will simply fall in love with the designs and overall look of their collection.

2) Gul Ahmed summer collection of 2022

Looking for a collection that is a blend of both traditional and modern fashion, then check out Gul Ahmed’s summer collection of 2022.

You will not be disappointed by their wide range of clothing, each with its own unique colors, patterns and designs.

best summer collections of 2022

What also makes them stand out is there cheap price range. You can find plenty of beautifully designed shalwar kameez for less than PKR 3,000. Much of their collection below the PKR 3,000 price range consists of printed shalwar kameez. Here are just some of the stuff they have on offer.

If your thinking of which summer collection to purchase, then give Gul Ahmed a shot. Their summer collection of 2022 are both fashionable and cheap.

3) Nishat Linen summer collection of 2022

The summer collection by Nishat Linen is considered to be one of the best in Pakistan.

They are not only bright and vibrant but also quite soft and comfortable. Making it the ideal collection to wear on a hot summer day.

Like other brands, Nishat Linen also has a wide variety of high quality outfits at affordable prices. Here are just some of the dresses that you can purchase for less than PKR 3,000.


If you too plan on looking stunning this summer, then do try out Nishat Linen’s summer collection of 2022.

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