Chef Of Test Kitchen Overwhelmed By The Public Support

The video has sparked a massive wave of support for the chef who was seen being spoken poorly to by a customer.

The chef of Test Kitchen by Okra has become the center of love and admiration from the masses on social media.

Asad Aamir Monga was praised on social media for being levelheaded throughout a recorded altercation with a customer.

In the video, the chef could be seen being rudely spoken to by a customer. This was simply because he had asked her to show her vaccination certificate, which she refused to do so.

Her refusal to comply and behave so inappropriately had led to many people coming out in support of Mr. Monga.

Here are just some of the tweets highlighting the love and support for Mr. Monga.

Many others have pointed out that the restaurants are within their right to ask such questions from customers.

In an interview with Images, Mr. Monga had said that such instances are all too common in the service industry.

He claimed that unfortunately a lot of the staff at the restaurant have been subjected to abuse in the past.

Mr. Monga had also said that customers behave terribly when asked to show their vaccination certificates.

Many try to weasel their way out while others simply start arguing and shouting at the staff.

Through this video, Mr. Monga hopes that more people talk about the overall treatment of workers in the service industry.

Mr. Monga optimistically said that hopefully the popularity of this video would help change people’s overall attitudes and behavior towards the service industry and the people that work in it.

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