Anti Vaxxer’s Rant Goes Viral All Over Social Media

The young lady lambasts the chef of Test Kitchen by Okra as she was asked to show her covid vaccination certificate.

Anti Vaxxers have always been at the forefront of resisting getting inoculated with the covid vaccine.

To such people, the entire pandemic is a farce and the global vaccination drive by governments are part of a notorious hidden agenda.

Anti Vaxxer protests in the west.

While such people exist all around the world, the recent viral video making waves across Pakistani social media showcase that such people also exist in the country.

In the video, a women who has been called by many the ‘Desi Karen’ was going off on a rant against the chef of Test Kitchen by Okra, Mr. Asad Aamir Monga.

What was the argument you may ask, simply being asked to show her covid vaccination certificate, to which she refused to do so.

She instead went on a rant about how being asked to show her vaccination certificate violated the ‘constitution of Pakistan’.

The truth is, the chef was acting as a responsible law abiding citizen and was following the mandate set by the federal government.

The mandate clearly stated that those not vaccinated could not enter restaurants and other indoor spaces such as malls.

However, this did not stop the lady from making a huge scene in which she tried to video record the chef, to show how he was violating ‘her rights’.

Its safe to say that the entire showdown, when it hit the internet, sent Pakistanis into hysteria with tweets mocking the lady for her arrogance and stupidity.

Here is one example of someone comparing the incident to the Canoli one from earlier this year.

Many on Twitter have labeled her the ‘Pakistani Karen’.

Others wanted a more harsher stance against the lady by naming and shaming her.

Despite her attempts to be seen as the victim, the lady ended up being the villain.

The video ended up highlighting how such anti vaxxers are also prevalent among the wealthier and more educated segments of the country.

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