Keto Diet And Uncovering The Myths Surrounding It

There are many misconceptions about keto diet and what it entails. This article helps to breakdown those myths.

Keto diet is a form of diet that reduces one’s carbohydrate intake and replace it with fat intake. The aim is to help lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

It has become the popular go to diet plan for many people looking to help reduce weight and become more fit.

Despite this popularity, there still remains a lot of misconceptions about what exactly is a keto diet and the impact it supposedly has on the body.

Hence, we have come up with this article to help uncover those myths.

Myth 1-  Your weight will not be affected if you go on and off Keto:

The reality is completely different. The purpose of the diet plan is to help your body burn fat as energy, which in return helps the person loose weight.

By switching from having keto diet one day to having your regular eating habits ends up having the opposite effect as it leads to weight gain.

Myth 2-  This type of diet plan means you get to have lots of proteins:

This is completely untrue because without moderation, an excess of protein can increase blood sugar and thus having the opposite impact that the diet plan intends.

What is recommended is that one should avoid having processed meat but can instead go for more keto friendly options such as eggs, nuts and fish.

Myth 3- Having as much fat as you want:

A myth that is not only untrue but creates misinformation around the entire diet plan.

While it is suggests to have a higher intake of fats, this does not mean that all sorts of fats are acceptable.

Saturated fats are not at all healthy and must be avoided. What is instead recommended is to have unsaturated fats such as eggs, avocados and turkey.

Myth 4-  No more exercise:

That is false. In fact exercising while on this diet plan can have multiple benefits such as it helps speed up the fat burn process.

However, one must also not engage in high intensive workout routines during the start of their diet as your body still has to get use to the entire process.

This can cause your to be more fatigued and badly affect your workout routine.

Myth 5- It can be harmful:

This type of myth only seeks to spread fear and prevent people from realizing some of the actual health benefits of such a diet.

There are multiple benefits of such a diet such as reduction in acne, it helps reduce risks from certain types of cancer, helps reduce cholesterol levels and helps prevent seizures.

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