Gilgit Baltistan Sports Tournament: Exceptional Performance by the Young Women

A sports tournament was held in the Valley of Gilgit Baltistan for girls to showcase their athletic skills and encourage them to participate in sports.

Over hundreds of girls from several different villages participated in the sports tournament held last week in the area of Gilgit Baltistan. The tournament had two famous games of cricket and football with events: Gilgit Girls Cricket Tournament and The Gilgit Baltistan Girls Football League.

Recently the charming Gilgit Baltistan valley has been a magnet for talented youth. In the last few years, the region has produced a vast number of super talented girls and boys in sports who have made Pakistan proud with their performance not just in national sports but even international ones. This recognition has been giving confidence to girls all over Pakistan, especially from Gilgit Baltistan, to follow their dreams and show their athletic sides which have always been a very difficult thing for girls in Pakistan.

But most of all the organizers are the ones who gave these uber-talented girls of Gilgit Baltistan a chance. The cricket games of the tournament were organized by the Right To Play Pakistan and Misbah Hina, a great Volleyball player and Global Youth Peace Ambassador Founder at MVA. The football games of the tournament were organized by The Inayat Sisters of Al Shams Football Club.

The tournament had allowed 10 teams to participate which means 150 girls got the opportunity to come to Gilgit Baltistan and show off their athletic skills on a national level. Most of the girls participating were from age 13 to 29.

Hina Misbah expressed her excitement to continue having tournaments like these to let the athletic girls of Pakistan come forward and follow their dreams. She felt so encouraged after seeing the motivation of the girls in this tournament and how their parents and other family members came to the games to support them throughout the Gilgit Baltistan Tournament.

The girls who came to participate in the Gilgit Baltistan Tournament were from the small villages of Gilmit, Passu, Shisket, Ghalapan, Sarteez, Gircha, Jamalabad, and Khudabad, who have struggled a lot in the competition but learned never to give up on their dreams.

The girls who participated also said it was a good way to showcase their hidden talents and a good women empowerment practice.

Not only the parents of the participants but even the locals of Gilgit Baltistan valley were thrilled to see and support girls interested in sports and show off their athletic skills.

The Gilgit Baltistan tournament really showed that girls are no less and have the right to play and had victory parades on the streets of their respective villages to encourage other young girls to come forward to play.

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