Childhood Comes Back Home!

You just need to have a bite and magically you'll feel your childhood like never before!

 Milco Lu, a true representation of LU biscuits, beg to be delivered with a sweet accent – and we mean that with the utmost respect. There is something about Milco Lu that makes us yearn to be sitting on a big covered porch, rocking in a chair that has cradled many generations, sipping sweet tea and munching on creamy biscuits. After a long day when all you want is something that puts a smile on your face, Milco Lu is something you should turn to because it gives you a chance to memorize your childhood and it sure brings back a lot of memories.

Since this amazing news has hit the social media, people have literally been going crazy about it; sharing their “Milco Lu Biscuit” stories and how they would always find this biscuit as a blessing at their granny’s place. When the production of this biscuit stopped, no doubt, a lot of people were missing it badly. According to some sources, people have literally posted on social media during these last years that how much they miss it. You never know but maybe this is why Milco Lu is back to the market?


We all must be familiar with this trend of posting. Seeing snaps of Milco Lu posted by people on snapchats and other social media applications makes other people question that where to find it? Did we ever think of getting excited over just this one biscuit? People are literally travelling to different supermarkets to find it.

Is that how magical Milco Lu is?



What’s your “Milco Lu” story? Share your story with us in the comments below and tell us how happy are you to have this biscuit back!