Mahira Khan Gives Her Eid Dress To A Fan

Some Happy And Beautiful Moments Cant Be Described In Words.

Mahira Khan uploaded a picture of herself on Eid wearing a beautiful black dress. A fan randomly commented on her picture asking for her outfit. Would you guys believe what happened next? She built real celebrity goals for a lot of fans. Mahira Khan is so down to Earth and humble that she asked her fan for her address and actually sent that outfit to her as a gift. What a fan moment for the lucky girl! 

Mahira, one of the most beautiful actresses of our Pakistani industry, wore a beautiful black kurta on Eid-Ul-Adha’18. She herself fell in love with her outfit. She mentioned in a post that she found herself this kurta hidden somewhere in the cupboard. The reason why it looks more beautiful is that she wore her mother’s dupatta on it. The natural oil in her hair helped her make this classy bun. Ain’t she looking gorgeous as always?





  As Mahera uploaded this picture of herself wearing a black kurta, a fan randomly commented that she wants to have this dress. We all might have commented this way before on pictures posted by a celebrity or maybe our own friends but we must have never expected it turning into a reality. Nowadays, even your friends hardly let you borrow their clothes or maybe you have to return them back as per some rules. But this is totally a fan moment for Sidrah!
Sidrah was so surprised when she received a comment from Mahira Khan asking for her address. Not only that, later on, our beauty queen’s manager messaged her to know the address. Sidrah told them the address but she mentioned that unfortunately she won’t be able to receive this beautiful outfit as she is out of Pakistan and it might be inconvenient for them to deliver it to her to which her manager replied, “Mahira wants you to have it as you like it so it is not a problem for her to let you have this outfit of hers even if you’re not in Pakistan. She will manage to send it to you anyway.” Sidrah couldn’t thank her enough for her kindness. We’re so glad that people like Mahira really exist in this World. She has never failed to prove herself a humble human being.


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