China Donates Additional $30 million to WHO

China has announced an additional grant of $30 million on top of $20 million previously donated after Trump decided to freeze funding.

While the President of the US, Donald Trump, earlier announced to cut WHO’s funding, China made announcements to increase their donation. Trump had mentioned in a press conference that he will be freezing WHO’s funds as it was responsible for the spread of coronavirus. He said that it mismanaged the virus outbreak and the agency should be held accountable for its actions.

However, after Trump’s announcement, China announced a grant of $30 million for WHO. China had also previously donated an amount of $20 million to WHO in order to help it fight coronavirus. Trump also accused the agency of hiding information regarding coronavirus before it spread from China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying tweeted:

“China has decided to donate another $30 million in cash to the WHO, in addition to the previous donation of $20 million, to support the global fight against COVID-19 and strengthen developing countries´ health systems,”

Trump said US taxpayers provided between $400 million and $500 million per year to the WHO, while “in contrast, China contributes roughly $40 million a year and even less”. While Donald Trump received criticism from around the globe upon his decision, China has been trying to fill the gap left by Trump. Many accused Trump of playing the blame game and not actually being proactive in tackling the virus himself.

However, WHO rejected the accusations made by Trump. Its chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said he hoped that “the freezing of the funding will be reconsidered and that the U.S. will once again support WHO.”

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