The Problems Our Business Community is Facing

Open or not to open business, the business community is in a great dilemma right now. What should happen next?

Since the lockdown started in Pakistan, the Federal and Provincial Government were not on the same page. Where the Federal Government wanted to keep the business running around the country, the Provincial Government wanted the opposite. However, they both tried coming to a single solution and opened up specific business ventures. And that is what they did. But it wasn’t satisfactory for many other businessmen who were willing to work.

This time basically is the highest-selling time for those dealing in apparel, the food sector in Ramzan, and many more. The electronic markets used to sell goods during Ramzan, as people used to buy more and more. All of this has come to a halt. They already have been going through much since the last month and they don’t feel like bearing it more. Although there had been verbal orders given that specific days will be allotted to specific markets, but due to no on-paper passed orders, no one could actually open up the markets. Trade Union Leader was arrested in Pakistan, after he told traders and business community to open up their shops, despite the lockdown. Moreover, the traders did open up business and the leader was later arrested.

It is a hard time for everyone. On one hand, the Doctors are advising to be more strict in the lockdown, whereas on the other hand traders want to open their business. And the two aren’t understanding the issues the other might be facing. The traders are losing factories, closing down their business, and are facing a huge backlash. But if they open up their business, it can result in the spreading of viruses and thus loss of life.

The government should come up with a mutual plan to benefit both as soon as possible.

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