China Sends More Masks, Medical Supplies

According to China's Embassy, two tonnes of medical supplies of Rs 67 million were delivered, including face masks, test kits, ventilators and PPE.

Recently, Alibaba Foundation and Jack Ma Foundation had sent medical supplies as part of its initiative to help nations tackle COVID-19. They are continuing to aid us as they sent another aircraft filled with medical supplies today (Saturday March 28).

The National Disaster Management Authority stated that China sent another aircraft carrying at least 50,000 testing kits to Karachi. According to China’s Embassy, two tonnes of medical supplies – valued at Rs 67 million – were delivered, including face masks, test kits, ventilators and PPE.

China’s Mask Manufacturing Booming, Meeting Global Demand

Thousands of factories in China are booming as their medical supplies, especially masks, are selling across the world. One example would be of Guan Xunze, whose company created a factory for masks in 11 days. The factory, with five production lines in northeastern China, made the much-needed N95 face masks during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Spurs Demand For Face Masks — But They're Surprisingly ...

Another factory owner, Qi Guangtu, stated, “Printing 60,000 or 70,000 masks a day is equivalent to printing money.”  He has put more than 50 million yuan ($7 million) into his factory, producing medical supplies, especially masks, in the southern industrial hub of Dongguan, China.

He further claimed that 70 sets of equipment have been sold for more than 500,000 yuan ($71,000) each. He has more than 200 additional orders in hand, worth over 100 million yuan ($14 million). Thus, cost recovery is not an issue for the owners, as the machines recover their costs within 15 days.


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