Pakistanis & Their Wondrous Hospitality

We can surely say, Pakistanis are like those siblings who fight all day but at the end of the day, in times of trouble, stand alongside each other.

Pakistanis have always been considered as terrorists worldwide. Our reputation and image hasn’t been quite good since the 9/11 attacks. What social distancing would a Pakistani do abroad, when foreigners themselves keep themselves distant from one. However, in the time of crisis, these Pakistanis are being a big help to those in Spain.

Pakistanis usually earn through driving and other chores, when living abroad. And those in Spain have been providing their taxi services for free. It is exclusively for all the Nurses and Doctors who have to commute from one hospital to another. All Pakistani Drivers keep standing outside the Hospital, waiting for Doctors to come out.

In a video posted by Foreign Journalist on Twitter, she showed how Pakistanis have been a help lately.

According to the Cab Driver “My name is Syed Sheraz and I am from Pakistan. There are hundreds of Pakistani drivers, along with me, providing social services in Barcelona during this time. Whenever a calamity strikes, we are always ready to provide our services to the host country. “In 2017, there was a terrorist incident, even at that time Pakistanis provided residents social services, by giving them free rides.

This act has won many hearts internationally and nationally. As for now, not only are Pakistanis helping those in foreign countries, but if we see people in Pakistani, they too are speechless heroes. People are collecting donations and providing food to those in need. Different organizations are currently working in Pakistan to fulfill basic needs of under privileged people. People are distributing masks and sanitizers for free. And what not. Whenever misery clouds the country, Pakistanis are there to help each other out. And that is the most beautiful thing about this country.

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