Chinese Muslims in Trouble

Pakistan has been on bad terms with Israel, for what reason? Muslim massacres, most probably. So what about China, who has been killing Muslims for so long.

The government and the people of Pakistan were quite glad to have China working ‘alongside’ them, when CPEC came into existence. Little did they knew about how China has been capturing Muslims in the Xinjiang province, and were keeping Muslims in detention camps where they are tortured by ripping of nails, and all sorts of inhumane things that sends down shiver when it is pondered upon.

On 10th May, 2019, CNN uploaded a video where, when, the journalists visited the place they were harassed and followed, making it impossible for them to know the truth about how the Muslim minority in China was surviving their days there. It all came up when US told that Chinese were holding up to 2 million people in detention camp out of which almost all of them belonged to the Muslim minority.

What bothers China is quite uncertain for now, but one thing is quite distinctive, that China doesn’t want Islam to grow in the country. Even the kids from detention camps are being sent to foster homes in China where they are taught the opposite of what they should be taught. Hatred against Islam and chants for the president is all that is there for the people.

What is to be thought over is, we consider Israel an Anti-Muslim country and we ourselves are anti-Israel to such an extent that our passports are not validated to let one fly to that country, yet we are working alongside China, who is doing the same to Muslims in China. Is it our hypocrisy, or are we selfish enough to look for our interest regardless of what happens to our brothers and sisters across the globe. It is for us to decide.


The video link to CNN’s visit to Xinjiang: