Peek Freans Award

Peek Freans Cake Up Wins the prestigious Gold EFFIE Award for its 2018 launch campaign ‘Real Goodness Inside’

Peek Freans Cake Up, a brand of English Biscuit Manufacturers, recently won Pakistan’s first ever Effie Award in the Snacks and Desserts category.

The marketing campaign titled ‘Real Goodness Inside’ was curated last year after EBM’s venture into the new Food between Meals category – Cakes. The campaign titled ‘Real Rishtey’, featured a mother juggling various responsibilities, yet still finding the time to teach her son valuable life lessons with the help of a sweet little treat—Cake Up. The message, due to its high emotional appeal, touched the hearts of millions. The tagline, ‘Real Rishtey’, successfully managed to communicate the brand’s message; nourishment of human emotions are a culmination of small moments of togetherness. The campaign designed to show the importance and purity of the bond of a mother and child, communicated the message clearly to its viewers.

With more than 20 million views on digital platforms, the ad also snagged one of the top spots on Google’s list of Most Popular Pakistani YouTube Ads in Asia Pacific for 2018.

Dr Zeelaf Munir, CEO EBM, expressed her joy at the accomplishment and stated, “This campaign was extremely challenging, yet it has proven to be the most successful one we’ve had the pleasure of working on. I am immensely grateful to our team, which comprises of some of the best talent in the industry, for this achievement. We are glad to have touched people’s hearts with the ‘Real Rishtey’ campaign and will continue to strive and reach new heights in the future.”

The Effie Awards are run by the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) and is aimed at acknowledging marketing and advertising efforts in Pakistan. The Award honors extraordinary achievements in the field of marketing and is a symbol of success worldwide.

Pakistan’s largest biscuit manufacturer and food company, English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd. (EBM) has always emphasized on coining new ways to connect to its target market with unique concepts and ideas, a vision which has enables EBM brands to earn such highly esteemed accolades.