Climate Change: It’s Real & We Should Panic

Climate change is real and evidence shows that we're the ones contributing to it. The new generation is more likely to face extreme effects of climate change if this keeps happening.

Research says that the Earth’s climate is rapidly changing. It’s changing much faster than any point in the history of our modern civilization, which is quite alarming for us. NASA shows that the level of carbon dioxide currently in our atmosphere. It was compared to what it used to be in the 1950s and they found shocking results as now the levels have reached the highest ever recorded in history.

This is happening due to human activities that have been happening since the mid-20th century. These activities are still happening at an unknown rate, which we’re unaware of. The rise in temperature that we’ve experienced is nothing that has happened before. This year’s October is said to be the warmest ever, we’re just constantly breaking our own records. Carbon dioxide has a heat-trapping nature and the increasing rate of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is contributing to the rising temperature.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the industrial area has increased by 40%.  Greenhouse gas emissions from activities by humans have affected the Earth’s climate and will continue to do so if we’re not going to change our actions. Climate change is already causing huge disturbances, and the new generation will most likely be affected by it more.

NASA also studied the frequent Amazon fire. The study showed that the Amazon fire was because of the drying atmosphere. The atmosphere over the Amazon has been drying out for over 20 years and that resulted in fires. NASA recorded the moisture levels that were required versus the moisture level that were present to maintain the rainforest. The primary cause of drying out the rainforest is human activity. Lead author of the study said:

“We determined that the change in atmospheric aridity is well beyond what would be expected from natural climate variability,”

Climate change is also a reason for causing extreme weather changes such as flooding or wildfires and it’s happening quite frequently in the last few years. This year, Venice was hit by the worst flood ever recorded in 50 years. Sea levels are rising and a major reason is the rising temperature. It causes the ice and glaciers to melt, hence adding more water to the seas and oceans. In Pakistan, we have also faced some unexpected and heavy rainfalls this year, which was odd for us.

Studies also say that many islands will be completely submerged under waters due to the rising sea level. One of the world’s least-visited countries is Tuvalu, which is completely an island. The residents of Tuvalu fear that their home is sinking and will soon be underwater. It’s slowly sinking and drastic climate change is the reason.

Tuvalu - Climate Change

We, as humans, should take climate change seriously as it’s high time. Even in Pakistan, there are many people who are affected by this climate change. Cattle farmers are looking for alternatives to earn livelihood. We need to take responsibility and change our lifestyle a bit to benefit the environment. The Earth is our only home and our actions are destroying it.

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