Commit to Quit on this World No-Tobacco Day with Alternatives

On this World No-Tobacco Day, let's try to educate ourselves about the alternatives available in the market. Once you commit to quit, then stick to it as you're only doing yourself a favour by not smoking. Choose alternatives and make the process easier.

Tobacco intake is an unhealthy obsession, just like many other obsession which may be unhealthy for the body and mind. Even though every obsession becomes unhealthy after a certain point in time when it is overdone, however, the obsession and overuse of tobacco is especially unhealthy due to the fact that it slowly deteriorates a person’s physical health. On this World No-Tobacco Day, let’s join hands to commit to quit whilst also talking about much better alternatives that can help you lead a smoke-free life.

In order to quit, one must realize the truly harsh, harmful effects it has. Tobacco leads to many diseases including various forms of cancer, particularly lung cancer, kidney cancer, cancer of the larynx and head and neck, bladder cancer, cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the pancreas and stomach cancer, which is not only painful but fatal as well. Reducing the usage may reduce the risk but it still stays there and the only way to eliminate it is by quitting altogether.

While going cold turkey may not be the best solution for your tobacco obsession but you can always explore other alternatives that may help you in reducing your intake and eventually quitting it. Here are some alternatives that you can dive into.


Nicotine patches are a great way to satisfy that tobacco like craving as it helps fighting that dependency. It’s bandaid-like patch that sticks on your outer body and supplies nicotine to your bloodstream constantly. This is a good option for people who are heavy smokers.


Gums can work really well if you know your proper dosage. It typically takes a few minutes for the effects to kick in but nevertheless, it is an effective way to quit the tobacco obsession. They do come in flavour and require no prescription.


Inhalers are similar to e-cigarettes but you don’t inhale it. You can a puff out of these plastic-shaped pens that release nicotine in order to help you out with drug withdrawal. It’s sort of like simulating the act of smoking without actually inhaling it.

Nasal Spray

For smokers who get strong cravings, this product is very effective. It’s similar to other nasal sprays that are used for allergies or congestion. However, nicotine nasal sprays should not be inhaled into the sinus cavities, you spray it and let it sit there while it releases nicotine into your bloodstream.


Candy-like lozenges are used to keep the tobacco cravings at bay. You just pop it into your mouth like a candy and let it sit there until it dissolves. It takes a few minutes for it to show results but it’s definitely a quick fix. Pouches, such as the ones by VELO, are also similar as you stick it under your tongue and it release the nicotine to help you cope with the effects.

There are certain pills as well that can help you with the cravings. These pills don’t contain nicotine but rather works by blocking nicotine receiving receptors in your brain. This helps in reducing the withdrawal symptoms. You can also use e-cigarettes but there are no proven studies to show that they help you in quitting smoking.

Remember that there are many health benefits linked to quitting smoking. Your lungs start to function better, blood circulation improves which heightens other bodily functions as well. Once you commit to quit, then stick to it as you’re only doing yourself a favour by not smoking. Choose alternatives and make the process easier.

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