Country on a Ban Streak: Churails Banned in Pakistan

As a clip from Churails, the web series surfaced on the internet; the Pakistani audience broke in an outcry leading to Churails getting banned in Pakistan

During August 2020, a web series- “Churails” was released on Zee5 with an all Pakistani cast, written and directed by Asim Abbasi. Zee5 was funding the show and exclusively released it on their platform. It was a staggering hit as soon as it reached the audience; people were amazed by the script, the acting, and the messages portrayed through the series. However, after a few months, yesterday news revealed that PEMRA had Churails banned in Pakistan.

The Pakistani television management seems to be on a banning streak these days; they seem to ban almost anything that does not appeal to them or caters to their viewpoint from biscuit ads to Churails getting banned in Pakistan.

Churails, in general, was a hit- it was refreshing to see a script that did not revolve around the generic “saas-bahu” issues, or whatever other problematic dramas that air on our local television. They highlighted the importance of women empowerment and the ongoing problems in Pakistan that no one else dares to speak about; the show is known for being unapologetically bold and real, this is what led to Churails getting banned in Pakistan.

In recent times, a clip from the show with Hina Khawaja Bayat surfaced on the internet, where she talks about her road to success by saying, “I used to give a hand job twice a day to my boss who was 20 years older than me. After this, he gave me a job and, after giving several more jobs, he gave me a promotion.” The Pakistani audience could not bear hearing such ‘vulgarity’ in their beloved Islamic State and the citizens began to demand Churails to get banned in Pakistan.

With the public demanding PEMRA to ban Churails, PEMRA decided to take notice and led to Churails getting banned in Pakistan and removed from zee5 for the Pakistani audience. In all honesty, with such an audience that cannot bear to accept the harsh realities of the society, Pakistan does not deserve to publish such beautifully crafted content.

Moreover, the banning of Churails left Asim Abbasi, the director, unsurprised but disappointed. He said that it took a lot of effort for artists to come together and create something that could open new doors of opportunity for the Pakistani industry. He believes that there is no artistic freedom in Pakistan, and this is a loss for women and many marginalized communities. Moreover, Churails banned in Pakistan is a loss for the entire Pakistani entertainment industry, and we couldn’t agree more.

Similarly, many other celebrities such as Osman Khalid Butt, Mansha Pasha, etc. took to Twitter to express their disappointment over Churails getting banned in Pakistan. They all seem to say that there are way more important things that the government should be focusing on. Especially with movies such as 365 Days trending on Netflix, this is the height of hypocrisy.


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