Daghabaaz Dil’s Trailer: A Reviting Blend Of Romance, Comedy, Family Drama And Supernatural Thrills

Mehwish Hayat and Ali Rehman Khan starrer 'Daghabaaz Dil' is set to release on Eid ul Fitr.

The much-anticipated trailer of Wajahat Rauf’s upcoming directorial film, ‘Daghabaaz Dil’ has been released and the excitement surrounding the movie is palpable. This adventure comedy, directed by Wahajat Rauf, and penned by the talented duo Mohsin Ali and Wajahat Rauf, promises to be a cinematic treat like no other. 

Set to release during the festive occasion of Eid ul Fitr 2024, the movie boasts a stellar cast including Ali Rehman Khan, Mehwish Hayat, and Mohsin Saqib, among others.

Both main leads have collaborated with Wajahat Rauf before in ‘Chhalawa’ and ‘Parde Mein Rehne Do’ respectively.

Daghabaaz Dil’ unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Karachi, immersing viewers in a world brimming with anticipation and familial intrigue. At its heart are Faris and Zoya, caught in a generations-old family feud and bound by an arranged marriage. 

Their pursuit of love amidst comical misadventures and unexpected challenges forms the essence of the story, which transcends the boundaries of a typical rom-com with its supernatural elements. Mehwish’s character grapples with possession by a jinn, weaving horror, romance, and family drama into the narrative.

Ali Rehman’s entry injects romantic tension into the storyline, his interactions with Mehwish’s character fraught with misunderstandings and simmering chemistry, adding layers of complexity. 

The trailer teases a vibrant ensemble cast, with Momin Saqib shining as Ali’s best friend. The interplay between characters promises familial conflicts, romantic entanglements, and tests of loyalty.

Mehwish’s character’s struggle for acceptance and happiness amid societal judgment adds depth, delicately exploring themes of societal expectations and the pressure to conform. The trailer teases a grand Punjabi wedding, replete with chaos, drama, and emotionally charged scenes, ensuring an edge-of-the-seat experience for audiences.

Earlier, the release of the track ‘Gori Tera Jhumka’ set high expectations, poised to become the wedding anthem of the year.

Sung by the dynamic duo Nirmal Roy and Hassan Ali Hashmi, with lyrics penned by Raamis Ali and Hassan Ali Hashmi, and composed by Aashir Wajahat and Hassan Ali Hashmi, the song captures the essence of celebration and festivity.

Another soulful song was released last week, ‘Aaja Chal Jhoomay’, sung by Samar Jafri and Nirmal Roy. This is also composed by Aashir Wajahat & Hassan Ali.

With its perfect blend of family drama, emotions, comedy, and heartwarming moments, Hum Films and Showcase Film‘s ‘Daghabaaz Dil’  is poised to be a crowd-pleaser for audiences of all ages. The movie is produced by Wajahat, Shazia Rauf and Badar Ikram. We eagerly await its release this Eid ul Fitr. Stay tuned to Runway Pakistan for more details.