Death Toll From COVID-19 Reaches 3 Lac Worldwide

With over 4.4 million COVID-19 cases worldwide, the death toll has reach 300,000. Here is an overview of the ongoing pandemic.

Taking off from Wuhan, China, COVID-19 has taken all over the world now. There is rarely any country that does not have even a single case of Coronavirus. From China it spread to the United States and countries like Italy & Spain, where the highest number of cases were recorded. Most of the cases were reported from the US. The toll has now reached to 1.44M cases with 85,864 deaths. Following is Russia with 252K cases and 2,305 deaths. Italy has 223K cases but has a death toll of 31,368 people. If we talk about Pakistan, the cases have reached 36,788 as that of 14th May 2020. The death toll in Pakistan has reached 791 due to COVID-19.


All these people had to go through horrible experiences. The disease/virus attacks the respiratory system, which brings difficulty in breathing. There were rumors that COVID-19 is deadly for senior citizens only, but this is not the case. According to research, children in western countries have been developing Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome. This syndrome is associated with COVID-19.

During this whole pandemic people were advised to stay at home. Work from home has now become common. Moreover, educational institutions have moved towards online classes. Not that they are of much use to the students, but universities are trying their best at the moment. Regardless of the fact that work from home has become common, many people have been left jobless in this pandemic. As predicted by the UN, this pandemic will lead 34.3m people into extreme poverty.

The blame game still continues as to who started this COVID-19. But we all know for a fact that what has happened, has already happened. The new ruler of this world would be the one who will create vaccines for COVID-19. There are speculations about that too, though.

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