Is Pakistan Reaching the Peak of COVID-19?

On daily basis, Pakistan has been receiving several different cases, which are increasing on daily basis. It is horrific.

Pakistan is a country which might find it hard to cope up with coronavirus. As a third world country, we have been trying on various different sources to help us through our tough times. And no time in the last few years has been as tough as the fight against COVID-19. If seen globally, so many people have lost their lives that it is even hard to imagine what their families might be going through. Each and every country had to reach a peak after which it saw a decline in the number of cases. However, that peak, isn’t as easy as it seems. That peak might claim thousands of lives.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Pakistan is receiving 1000 COVID-19 cases on average, every day. Every single day 1000 people are being affected all over Pakistan, and Imran Khan is thinking to ease the lockdown. If talked about Wednesday, 6th May 2020, 1,523 cases were recorded in Pakistan. As per WHO, most of the cases have been reported from Gilgit Baltistan, followed by Islamabad and then Sindh.

COVID-19 in Pakistan is increasing at an alarming rate. With this rate there will be many more deaths and many more reported cases. But once again, it is the people of Pakistan who needs to understand the density of the situation. And the Politicians should also understand the consequences of easing the lockdown at the moment. It is nothing more than a suicide. We should be well aware, if things get out of hands, there is no one to look after us.

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