Schools & Institutions to be Closed Till Mid of July

The most effected thing after economy of Pakistan is the educational system in Pakistan, which was already crippling just like its economy.

Pakistan is a third world country and it lacks because it has always lacked in education. Education has never been given a priority in Pakistan be it in urban or rural areas. And it has been taken lightly all around. If there had been any feud in the country, schools were the first place to shut down. And they used to be closed for days and days. And the same is happening during lockdown. Regardless of everything, the literacy rate in Pakistan is 55.3%. Out of which most are those who are either dropped out after matric or have left education.

For now, those who even were wanting to study, can’t. The schools have been closed since the end of March and were expected to open on June 1st, 2020. However, now they have been postponed till the mid of July, which can also be increased further. Final exams have also been postponed, however, it is being said, that students will be promoted on the basis of their previous year’s result. This can be a serious problem for many students as many might have failed the previous year but were to give retakes this year. This is not an easy task, although. To promote the whole of a year’s batch. That would be unfair on many of the other students who have been studying hard.


May God save us all from this lockdown, and we hope and pray this gets over soon. And the world returns back to normal. We desperately need that right now.

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