Is Government to Mollify the Lockdown in Pakistan?

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has some plans for the country in terms of lockdown. Lets see if this can be agreed upon.

Since the start of the lockdown, the Provincial and Federal Governments weren’t on the same page. And it was quite evident. The two used to actually oppose each other’s decisions. Where Imran Khan never wanted a lockdown, there Murad Ali Shah closed the whole of Sindh. Especially Karachi, the hub, the main city that runs the Country. That city has been closed for weeks on orders of the CM Sindh. However, the Prime Minister had and still has other plans.

According to the Prime Minister, the Government has decided to ease the lockdown. Especially as it is having a negative impact on the economy of Pakistan. He said “We have decided to open the country in a phased manner from Saturday and it is now the responsibility of the masses to follow the rules otherwise we would be forced to reverse the decision.”


He moreover added, saying “I was in favor of allowing public transport but the provinces did not agree to it. So, it has been decided that the provinces will make their own standard operating procedures (SOPs) and share with the Centre.”

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is well aware of the growing Coronavirus cases. He has kept his expectations tied to the people of Pakistan who are the last ones to be kept expectations with. According to the new SOPs that will be generated, shops will open & close at 9 am-5 pm and 8 pm-10 pm, respectively. Retails outlets are also to be opened. Nevertheless, this all might be turned by after May 31st if people do not follow SOPs.

It is yet undecided, and will be decided in a day or two, by the Government. But whatever happens, all we are looking forward to is a permanent end to this COVID-19.

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