Delusional: Amir Khan Wants to Join Politics

In a Facebook post, Amir Khan expressed his desire to join politics in Pakistan, but soon declined the self-made offer himself.

Recently, Pakistani boxer, Amir Khan, in a Facebook post revealed that he has received offers to join the Pakistani politics by people who he kept anonymous. These offers have been made multiple times apparently during the curse of the boxer’s career.

“I have been asked numerous times if I would join politics in Pakistan. Being a sports man and being an ambassador for the country, I’m honoured to asked if I would take part in politics, in fact I would love to help the country,” Amir Khan stated.

“We will all leave this world one day, but whilst we still around we all should do our bit.”

“I’ve sat with many politicians and army generals agreeing and disagreeing on topics in the country. My heart is clean and I would want the best for Pakistan. Lets see how things play out. My old stable mate world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao also joined politics,” the boxer added.

After following Manny Pacquiao and what he has done for his country, the Philippines, Amir Khan has been inspired by it and wrote, “I know I could do the same for Pakistan. It will be a massive decision to make. I one day might consider this. I like to ask my followers what they think about this?”

He mentioned sports, education and child labour as areas of interest which he would work to improve in Pakistan. He tweeted, ” I would love to make Pakistan a better place and be a massive help in many areas. Being sport, education, stopping child labouring and many more things. We will all leave this world one day, but whilst we still around we all should do our bit.”

However, 2 days later Khan returned to Twitter to announce the decline of his own offer. “Talked to my advisory team, I will decline the offer to join Pakistan politics,” he wrote.

Twitter users trolled Khan and sent tweets mocking him and having fun with the situation.

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