Do You Remember These Sweet Treats?

If you’re a 90”s kid, then you probably remember all these sweet treats. Those were the days, coming home from the grocery store with a pocket full of candies that you got for only 5 rupees. Let’s go on a journey together and remember some of our favorite sweet treats which made our childhood so much better!


  • BP Spacer toffee
  • BP Choco Bear
  • Cadbury Chocki
  • Fanty
  • Coco Cola
  • Bubble Your Name
  • Jubilee
  • Gogo Pan Masala
  • Ding Dong Bubble
  • Super Sour
  • Eye Mask Shapes Bunties
  • Magic Gum

Did you have the pleasure of experience all these candies? We are feeling quite nostalgic at the moment.