Doctor Tortures Sister for Four Years Over Inheritance

Faraz Munir, a doctor in Lahore, has allegedly kept his sister imprisoned and tortured for four years in order to avoid paying inheritance money.

With injustice with women at an all-time high in Pakistan, there comes yet another case of violence. A doctor, Faraz Munir, allegedly imprisoned his sister and has been torturing her for over four years just to avoid having to pay a heft amount for an inheritance, as confirmed by the Punjab police.

In a raid on Faraz Munir’s residence in Valencia Town, police took Shabnam Farooq, who has identified as the victim, into their custody. According to the victim, she says Faraz had confined her for over four years in a room.

She added that due to Faraz Munir being a doctor and having significant influence, he had prepared documents in which she was deemed to be mentally unstable. Further specifying, Shabnam also told the police that during this period, she was sent on psychiatric hospital visits multiple times.

“Once I was discharged from the hospital, my brother and his wife would torture me and even gave me the medicine which further ruined my mental health,” Shabnam added blaming Faraz Munir for her worsening condition.

Shabnam also mentioned how she had left her house and moved to Multan and had started working at a local bank and call center. “But Faraz came there and forced to come and live with his family in Lahore…all this just because he sold our father’s house for Rs1.4 million and didn’t give me a single penny,” she said.

Moreover, Shabnam somehow managed to call her neighbor and ask for help, who then, informed the police about this. The neighbor further claimed that they could frequently hear her screams all the way to their house. Upon receiving this information, the police visited Faraz Munir’s house and arrested the culprit, and took the victim into custody.

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