Donald Trump Impeachment Case

Donald Trump becomes the third President of The United States to be called in for impeachment. Should we congratulate him?

Donald Trump has been the POTUS since Jan ’17. Since then he has created a chaos in the world. With utterly unbelievable decisions and ill-mannered behavior, Trump wasn’t liked by many. Especially since the minority issues in USA, in addition to the Mexico Wall issue. Obviously, the Democrats were looking for a chance to bring him down. And no doubt, he gave them all in the last couple of years. And now the Democratic-led House of Representatives voted against the President. They counted on the votes after Trump used his power over a deal with Ukraine. So all in all, we can say, Trump has been impeached on the basis that he abuses the power he has in his Office.

According to the Democrats, Trump pressurized Ukraine to open an investigation against the former Vice President who also is a against the current President, Joe Biden. This all happened on July 25, when Trump called the Ukrainian President and asked him to open an investigation. However, it is quite evident that Biden and his son, both are clean from any wrongdoings.

The question that arises is, what will happen now? Now, it all depends on the Senate and its voting. Two-third of votes are required out of hundred member senate to terminate a President. Out of which 53 are Republicans, 45 Democrats and 2 Independents. And if 20 Republicans and all the Democrats along with Independents vote, Trump is out. However, the chances of such happening are rare. But if this happens, well, Mike Pence would be taking the charge as the POTUS till Jan 2021.

It is yet to see what happens with Trump, as the issue has not reached the Senate yet. But yeah, at least the US is aware of the misshapen in the office unlike other countries.

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