Gen Z & Their Obsession With Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is becoming extremely common among the Gen Z and fashion retailers are hooked on creating one time wear clothes as per demand.

The newer generation is more up to date with fashion trends than any other generation. These fast fashion brands have made it so easy for everyone to stay in style. Fast fashion is a term mostly used by the retailers of fashion, it means trends that get easily transferred from ramps to stores. These brands replicate those designs and sell them at a very affordable price easy on the pockets. Their target market is the masses and that’s why clothes have a low price tag.

Gen Z is the most active on social media and it has a huge influence on their lives. They want clothes that are affordable so they can wear it once or twice and discard them. Yes, fast fashion brands like Forever21, H&M, Shein and many more are a reason for increased garbage. Instagram influencers take loads of pictures and it’s considered as a sin to repeat clothes, mostly. That’s how they think and it’s important for them to keep updating their wardrobe.

In Pakistan, there are fast fashion brands like Outfitters, but the issue is that there is only a limited buying power. In western countries, most youngsters either save up or work to fulfill their wishes, while in the east, that’s not really the case. Imported clothes are expensive even if you purchase from cheap brands. It still costs a lot and damages the wallet. While many want to keep up with fashion trends, there aren’t a lot of affordable options to purchase from. It’s both good and bad but just depends upon which perspective you look at it from.

Many do go out of their way to try and look as cute as possible in their Instagram pictures. There’s nothing wrong with it. An article on NY Times made me realize that this obsession can get worse. A girl told in an interview that she bought over a hundred pieces of clothing throughout the year and discarded most of them after wearing it once. Lisa asked her why she only wore an outfit once, the girl replied:

“Because I’ll normally be in photos when I’m wearing it that are then posted on social media. I wouldn’t really want someone seeing me in a dress more than once. People might think I didn’t have style if I wore the same thing over and over. Style is about changing for whatever the situation you are in and for different events.”

Because of this thinking, we’re seeing new brands launch every day. Fast fashion companies are growing too. But this behavior is alarming only because there’s already so much wastage that we’re creating, which would take us decades or even centuries to clean up. Climate change is real and most of our actions add up to it. This obsession with fast fashion brands also leads to increased wastage.

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