e-Magine Takes Visionaries to London

Visionaries 3.0 by e-Magine is much more than just an event. It’s a vision for the future and that vision is being taken to London!

e-Magine, a Pakistani based ed-tech startup, founded by Ms. Huda Garib, is an organization that prides
itself on providing customized trainings and workshops for individuals of all ages to equip them with the
skills that will serve to be a major asset as they strive to get ahead of the competition in a rapidly
changing world.

Moreover, in addition to the hands-on learning experiences the firm offers, it has also successfully
managed to develop its flagship event by the name of Visionaries, which is an initiative that seeks to
engage innovators, change-makers, and future thinkers to #DARETOEMAGINE.


Having commenced operations in 2016, and created such a massive platform for students in Karachi and Lahore, this time round, e-Magine has collaborated with local British partners including the Digital
School House and Alexandra Palace, to host its first ever international event on the 30th of January 2020 at the Alexandra Palace, London – where the focus will be to encourage young teenage women (between the ages of 12-15) in tech to start to realize their true potential and enable them to feel empowered as they come up with innovative and practical solutions to real world problems.

In this edition of the event, staying true to the very premise of the Visionaries legacy, this time round the competition will be held in a similar manner to the way we conduct it in Pakistan. Thus, in addition to
expecting the participants to create a pitch-deck presentation on the spot for a game-changing idea that can be used to address pressing global issues; they will also be required to create a prototype simultaneously alongside it using some basic items to add an extra element of visualization to their idea. They will then be asked to present their work in front an esteemed panel of judges, corporate heads from some of the world’s leading organizations, and the rest of the audience – undoubtedly a moment where the pressure to earn the title of being the most innovative visionary team of the year will be rather high.

Furthermore, in order to support this initiative in the UK, certain organizations such as Intel, Nintendo,
and Ubisoft, just to name a few have shared this very vision and are participating in the program by
providing their resources and mentors. Individuals including the likes of Emily Rudd (the Education
Manager at Ubisoft), Kerry Rizzo (the senior Communications Manager at NDreams), Emma Bunce (the
senior PR Manager at Nintendo), as well as the Mr. Dildar Ali Abro (the First Secretary at the Pakistan
High Commission) will also be joining us on the big day.

As the event goes on, the student pitches will be followed by some keynote speeches, and thoughts shared by the judges, and the award ceremony where the top three Visionary teams will be decided.

Such a display of growth is certainly quite a big step for a Pakistani female-led company, and a matter of great pride for the nation. For, in the words of the woman behind it all,

“the aim of e-Magine is not just to highlight the efforts of a single individual or an organization; but instead, to showcase what Pakistan is truly about. After all, each of us in our own way, are proud ambassadors of our great nation. And together as we strive towards growing the e-Magine community globally and addressing the sustainable development goals set out by the U.N, this surely is just the tip of the iceberg of a success story in the making, of a rather under-rated country that I along with millions of others call home.”

Having always delivered on its commitments, certainly leaves little doubt for anyone to question the team’s credibility and efforts; and in fact, shows rather promising signs of why we all are encouraged to support it in any way possible – because one thing is for certain, youth development is undoubtedly on top of the agenda for team e-Magine. As a result, we wish Huda and her colleagues the best of luck for all their future endeavors!

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