Easing Lockdown Means Lifting Lockdown for Pakistanis

Easing lockdown means lifting lockdown for Pakistanis as no SOPs were being followed by the public and there was no fear of coronavirus amongst them.

The government had announced of Sunday that there will be an ease in lockdown. A few businesses were allowed to operate from Monday for a certain time period. Schools and colleges were decided to remain closed till June 15. But if we analyze the last two days, we can definitely see that easing the lockdown means lifting it according to Pakistanis.

This isn’t the first time that ease in lockdown has been mistaken for lifting it. It has happened before too when few news channels spread rumours and people actually started believing it, without asking for any official statement of proofs. However, this time, it feels like everyone just wanted to get out of their homes regardless of the virus outbreak.

This smart lockdown or entering the second phase of lockdown has been nothing but a joke. Our public isn’t aware of the consequence or the aftermath of violating the lockdown rules. Anyone can be a carrier as everyone is prone to coronavirus and can spread it to others. According to the citizens, they’re shopping for Eid on an emergency basis.

Eid is no less than 10 days away. Ramadan has also been different this year compared to the rest and we all need to understand the current situation. Had we been in a better position, the government wouldn’t have taken the decision of easing lockdown. But since we have daily wage workers, traders and shopkeepers in a huge number, we can’t afford to keep businesses closed and let the rest starve to death.

However, the decision of easing lockdown in Pakistan was only taken after drafting some SOPs. These SOPs also had guidelines about social distancing and other ways to protect and limit the spread of the virus. But from what we’re witnessing, no one is taking these guidelines seriously. There are huge crowds outside of outlets and other market areas such as saddar. No one is taking these guidelines seriously and we’re afraid that they’ll not only put their lives in danger but others as well.

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