Esra Bilgic’s Victoria Secret ad incurs the wrath of Pakistanis

The actress's photoshoot stirs up controversy on social media.

Esra Bilgic’s Victoria Secret ad has left many Pakistanis infuriated. Many see Esra Bilgic’s photoshoot to be “vulgar” and contrary to her role as Halime Sultan in “Ertugrul”.

It seems that many people within Pakistan cannot seem to separate the actor from the role they play on TV. Many, unfortunately, are under the impression that Bilgic is the pious and noble Muslim woman from “Ertugrul”.

Hence, the reason why they decided to verbally berate Esra Bilgic online for doing the photoshoot.

For those wondering how raunchy the shoot was, here is the video for Esra Bilgic’s photoshoot for Victoria Secret.

After Esra Bilgic uploaded the video online, many Pakistanis immediately attacked her for not living up to the “modest” Muslim woman image that they have formed in their minds. Here are just some of the examples that we are talking about.

Esra Bilgic's Victoria Secret ad

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Turkish actress has suffered the wrath of angry Pakistanis in the comment section.

Esra Bilgic has constantly faced a barrage of criticism from Pakistani fans for her choice of dressing. This resulted in the actress directly telling Pakistani fans to “stop following her” if they don’t like her content.

The reaction to Esra Bilgic’s Victoria Secret ad is the same reaction Pakistan actresses get for their choice of dressing. We urge Pakistani social media users to show restraint and respect when it comes to what others post online.

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