Buri Nazar – Warding off the Evil Eye

Everybody gets a mysterious look once in a while, and we have a poor opinion of it.

For the vast majority of us it is before long disregarded, yet in numerous spots faith in “the evil eye” is considered important, and requires quick action to stay away from hurt.

The Evil Eye has been making individuals awkward for ages. It is said that the evil eye is given occasion to feel qualms about somebody for reasons of envy or aversion.

Belief in the evil eye is ancient and ubiquitous; it occurred in ancient Greece and Rome, in Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions, and in indigenous, peasant, and other folk societies, and it has persisted throughout the world into modern times. There is a wide range of thoughts regarding where it originated from and why despite everything it is here today.

Evil stare or normally known as Buri Nazar, there is nothing surprising that envy is a national game with us Pakistanis regardless of where we live.

We cry “Haaye buri nazar lag gayi” (the hostile stare has struck) even when we suffer from a basic fever.

“Zaroor isse kisi ki buri nazar lagi hai!”

“Isse ke pass mat jana, issi nazar bohot kharab hai!”

The incidents of newly-born babies dying additionally run with, “Tumhare bache ko tou buri nazar thi” or “Haye bechara buri nazar ka shikar tha”! To ensure the safety of the infants, a typical practice is seen among Asians, darkening the eyes with kajal, surma in light of the fact that it helps battle against the hostile stare.

Like what even? If a child dies at an early age it’s basically due to an antagonistic gaze criticize? Envision a situation in which that child is encountering any contamination. Envision a situation in which the future of that adolescent was only for a few days. Think about what if that child died naturally?

For what reason do we not consider different reasons as opposed to inferring that buri nazar is a definitive reason for anything awful that occurs with us?

So as to secure against the Evil Eye, some cultures make charms to avert its belongings. They offer these charms in the commercial centers. There are additionally different estimates that can be taken to deflect the awful spell of the Evil Eye including spitting, certain outcries and extraordinary supplications.

Each family of Pakistani culture appears to have a mystery and special ‘aalim’ making settlements with God for their sake to battle against the evil stare.

These phony ‘pir‘ and ‘baba‘ are the ones who lead individuals astray, handing out naqsh, taaveez or special water to drink and spread false information at an unprecedented rate.

Individuals trust that these Bengali Baba can really enable them to shield from the evil eye while in all actuality this is their simple source of income or more particularly “plundering individuals for no specific reason.”

When you fall into their trap, it is difficult to wean yourself off of it. The psyche winds up molded to pointing the finger at nazar for each bend in the street of life.


What’s most intriguing about the evil eye isn’t its minor life span, however, the way that its utilization has digressed minimal through the span of centuries. It is that evil eye do exist however having a visually impaired confidence in it is anything but not a decent alternative. Each awful thing in our lives isn’t the consequence of buri nazar. It tends to be our faith or it tends to be because of our actions.

Do you believe in the evil eye? To what extent do you believe in it? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!