Famous Tourist Spots in Pakistan.

It is always a good time for a getaway, a place to unwind and relax. There's no better way than planning a trip to the famous tourist spots in Pakistan!

All this quarantine and constantly staying at home has us beat, wouldn’t a getaway be great around this time? A place to soak in all the beauty and just unwind all this stress. A vacation is what you need! Lucky for you, there are several tourist spots in Pakistan which are such mesmerizing locations, you simply cannot miss them.

The media loves to exaggerate, Pakistan has always been painted in a rather negative light however, we must not believe everything shown on the television. There are tons of such tourist spots in Pakistan, all around the country. Here’s a few of the very best, the ones you should visit!

Swat Valley

The beautiful Swat Valley is a tourist spot in Pakistan, it is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. With its lush greenery, forests, and unreal villages it looks almost straight out of a storybook. Furthermore, there are many places to visit within Swat Valley as well, we would suggest that you go and see for yourself, it is truly a wonder.

Swat Valley: A Fairyland of Beauty | by Heavenistan Tours | Medium

Hunza Valley

We’ve all heard about Hunza; don’t let the name fool you, Hunza is quite large. It is made up of multiple valleys, villages, and districts. There are multiple tourist spots within Hunza that you simply cannot miss! If you happen to visit Hunza, you have to see the Attabad Lake; with its crystal clear bright blue water, it is bound to leave you speechless. Moreover, another spot would be the Eagle’s Nest; if you want to just soak in the beauty of Hunza and watch the most beautiful sunset, this is the place you need to go to!

Hunza Valley in Autumn - YouTube

Naltar Valley

Naltar is another one of the well-known tourist spots in Pakistan, located a few hours ahead of Gilgit. Naltar is known for its array of breathtaking lakes, covered with pine trees the valley itself seems like it was taken out a fairytale! If you want to just forget the world and feel like you’ve come to paradise, Naltar’s your answer!

Naltar Valley, Pakistan | Munib Asad Malik | Flickr


Situated in the extreme North, Skardu is known as the central valley in Gilgit, Baltistan. It is an ethereal beauty, almost too good to be true. The famous Shangrilla resort in Skardu is probably one of the best tourist spots in Pakistan, a slice of heaven on Earth! Skardu has to be on your list whenever you plan a vacation, you don’t want to miss this.

Book Shangrila Resort Hotel in Skardu | by انمول شہزادہ | Medium


If you are a sucker for history and love to explore historical locations and artifacts, Bhawalpur is the place for you! Bhawalpur, the princely state in Punjab, is known for its historical infrastructure, monuments, and several other locations that many are not yet aware of. it has many dessert areas, however, that is not only what it is limited to. Bhawalpur has many lush green fields and gardens- the place is going to leave you breathless that is what makes is one of the best tourist spots in Pakistan!

Bahawalpur': This is the forgotten story of the princely state that acceded to Pakistan in 1947

Pakistan never fails to amaze us, the beauty of this country is simply endless. There is so much to explore, so much which we haven’t yet discovered! Let us begin by discovering the tourist spots in Pakistan since it has so much to offer, it would be such a shame not to do so.

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